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Maybe you are reading this as a young fan of my best selling series of 'Bonnie' books, or my lovely 'Kitty and Friends' series that continue to be popular even though they are out of print. Both series are good for independent readers. I really like the lovely new pastel covers on the latest edition of the Bonnie series the colours work so well with the fantastic illustrations by the ever talented Sarah McMenemy.

I am so pleased that many of my books for children have been translated into over ten languages, and I have had emails from children all over the world. It was also thrilling that The Voices of Silence became a New York Public Library choice.

bonnie books
Bonnie Books

Bonnie the tiny, fluffy white dog with big ideas. Six stories that will delight all.

kitty books
Kitty Books

Thousands of children, aged between five and ten, (sometimes even older) have been enjoying my Kitty books since the first one was published in 1985.

blue banana books
Blue Banana Books

Four Kitty books that have been written for the popular Blue Bananas series especially for beginner readers.

Bel Mooneys Voices of Silence
The Voices of Silence

1989 Romania - suddenly daily life brings frightening changes.

like mother like daughter
Like Mother, Like Daughter?

14 stories about girls and their mums.

joining the rainbow by Bel Mooney
Joining The Rainbow

A gritty story based on the experiences of Bel and her daughter fighting a local bypass.

A Flower of Jet
A Flower of Jet

Tom and Melanie live in a community divided over a pit closure.

Stove Haunting by Bel Mooney
The Stove Haunting

Daniel discovers an old stove which leads to a journey into the past.

Mouse with Many Rooms by Bel Mooney
The Mouse with Many Rooms

A young mouse is separated from the rest of his family and takes shelter in the basement of a big house.

The Green man by Bel Mooney
The Green Man

One day Luke's world starts to change, he begins to see the face of a strange green person in the oddest places.


Some of my work is out of print. Don’t forget if a book is out-of-print, thanks to the wonders of the internet you can usually get hold of them, some are even reinvented as e-books. I have not included everything I have previously published for young readers, however some much loved favourites are here with a brief description.


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