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invasion of sand
The Invasion of Sand

A story about loss, survival, understanding and finding love again.

intimate letters
Intimate Letters

Chronicles the bleak aftermath of deception and the way betrayal poisonously alters the past.

lost footsteps
Lost Footsteps

In the changing face of contemporary Europe a mother sets off in search of her son. Her only support is the faith she has in the love between them.

fourth of July
The Fourth of July

A novel about a feminist and a photographer, this compelling and moving story is sometimes shocking in it's frankness.

Anderson Question
The Anderson Question

After the death of her husband Eleanor discovers that all she had assumed and lived by has been false...

windsurf boy
The Windsurf Boy

A look back on life and that precious split-second of free sailing, in complete control, when you don't have to think about anyone else.

Short stories by Bel Mooney
Short Stories

Read online a collection of Bel Mooney's short stories.




Some of my work is now out-of-print, however thanks to the wonders of the internet you can usually get hold of them, some are even reinvented as e-books.


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