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Hi! Welcome to my website. This is my way of sharing all the various things I do with anybody who’s interested. As someone who has worked right across the media, I ‘meet’ the widest range of people through my books for adults and children, journalism and broadcasting. And I love it – especially my metamorphosis into an advice columnist, first for The Times and now for the Daily Mail on Saturdays.


I guess I have written millions of words of journalism in my life, just a fraction of it is posted here for your interest. In this website I try to give a flavour of my varied work in journalism. I have not included the originals of my recent pieces for The Daily Mail, as these are easy to find online through newspaper's website. The pieces I have included are the equivalent of a soundbite and I have really enjoyed reuniting some of the travel articles with the photographs of my husband Robin Allison-Smith.


Much of my work – fiction and non-fiction - for adults and children is out of print. This is how it goes in publishing but no worries! Don’t forget if a book is now out-of-print, thanks to the wonders of the internet you can usually get hold of them, and (even better) some are available as e-books. So search the Kindle store.
We're pleased to offer here a volume of short stories for you to read, completely free of charge. Book lovers will enjoy turning the pages!

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