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Bel Mooney broadcaster



I began my career as a journalist at the end of 1969 and so, naturally, I have written many thousands of words. Probably millions. But I thought it worth while to scatter just a few examples here. All the rest exists somewhere - the reportage and profiles for the New Statesman in the seventies as well as articles for Nova, the Daily Telegraph Magazine and countless newspapers and magazines. Then there was the Daily Mirror 1979-80; Sunday Times and Times through the eighties. And so on.


Travel Articles

I have not included the originals of my recent pieces for The Daily Mail, as these are easy to find online through newspaper's website. The pieces I have included are the equivalent of a soundbite and I have really enjoyed reuniting some of the travel articles with the marvelous photographs of my husband Robin Allison-Smith.

Read a selection of Bel Mooney's articles and travel articles.

And Finally...

It gives me quiet pride and pleasure to say I have written for every single national newspaper except the Sun, the People, the News of the World and the Star. I think good journalists should be like chameleons, able to change instinctively. Journalism was my first love and will probably be my last love, but there's room for all the books too!




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