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I seem to be working on more than one book idea at the moment (a novel? a memoir? both at once?) so watch this space. Meanwhile my brand new title is GOODBYE PET & SEE YOU IN HEAVEN - A Memoir of Animals Love and Loss. See below for a description of that and other non-fiction titles – and click on each for more information.

Goodbye Pet latest book by Bel Mooney

Goodbye Pet & See You in Heaven

A deeply moving account of how Bel's beloved little dog Bonnie died and what she learnt from the experience. Wide-ranging and informative, this is a book for anybody who has ever loved a dog or a cat...or a horse or otter, for that matter.

Lifelines by Bel Mooney
Bel Mooney's Lifelines - Words to Help You Through

A fascinating, challenging and uplifting anthology taken from Bel's advice column.

small dogs can save your life by Bel Mooney
A Small Dog Saved MY Life

A story about loss, survival, understanding and finding love again.

Bel Mooneys Somerset
Bel Mooney's Somerset

Bel travels through the towns and villages of Somerset.

year of the child by Bel Mooney
The Year of the Child

Both a collection of warm, lively, sensitive child portraits and a study of childhood itself.

Devout Sceptics by Bel Mooney
Devout Sceptics

This is the book from Bel's long-running series on Radio 4.

perspectives for living by Bel Mooney
Perspectives for Living

Based on 2 series for BBC Radio 4, about the way death affects lives.



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