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Life Actually

LIFE, ACTUALLY is a collection of short fictions which displays all the wit and wisdom which has made Bel Mooney's journalism universally loved, combined with the insight of her six novels to date.

These are tales of ordinary people whose lives become extraordinary without them realising why. In 'Over The Road' smart girl-about-town Caroline has her carapace pierced by someone else's love. 'The Herdman's Wife' is the savage monologue of a rejected wife whose husband, a fashionable literary novelist, turns the end of their marriage into fiction. In 'Trio' uptight Elizabeth discovers sexual fantasy, whilst 'Bag Lady' introduces a small time porn merchant of a few years back who suddenly encounters the tragedy of his life on the seedy streets of Manchester.

'Waiting For Placido', 'The Singer' and 'Poppendoktor' deal with the disappointments of love in European locations, whereas 'Christmas Puddings', set at the time of the end of communism, celebrates an unlikely flowering of true affection. 'Adam and the Floating Lady' recounts the anguish of the end of a marriage from the point of view of a child, and - more lightheartedly - 'A Country Prospect' show Bel Mooney's gift for satire.

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